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All instruments, voice, ensemble, and composition.


Age Categories


School Students: 

Young Musicians Category, 5 – 6 years old;

Young Musicians Category, 7 – 8 years old;

Young Musicians Category, 9 – 10 years old;

​Junior Category, 11 – 12 years old;

Junior Category, 13 – 14 years old;

​Intermediate, 15 – 16 years old;

Intermediate, 17 – 18 years old; *

Adults (18 and older):

Musicians without a professional degree, 18+

College Students and Professional Musicians, 18+ *

* 18-year-old school students must enter the Intermediate category. 18-year-old college students must apply under the College Students/Professionals category.

For the ensemble, combine the age of all members and divide it by the number of members.

Application Deadline

The materials and application fee must be submitted by March 12th, 2023 (extended).

All videos will be temporarily published on our website for public view after the deadline.

The results will be announced within two-three weeks after the deadline.

Choose your Application Fee


  • NEW! Application Fee per submission with comments/feedback from the judges – C$140 Canadian dollars.

  • Basic: Application Fee per submission with no comments/feedback from the judges – C$110 Canadian dollars.

Application Fees are not refundable.

Repertoire Requirements


For all competitions except Concerto and Composition:

One Piece of your choice, performed from memory. The video recording can be any length but no longer than 10 minutes.

For Concerto competition only:

Two Pieces: One movement of the Concerto and one other solo piece of your choice, performed from memory (to be performed at the Winners' Recital if selected). There is no time limit for the concerto and no longer than 10 minutes for the solo piece.

For Composition competition only:

One selection of your choice, written by the applicant within the past five years. The composition duration can be any length but no longer than 10 minutes. YouTube links are preferred, but MP3 files are also acceptable. Scores must be provided to the competition.

How to Apply


To apply for the Competition, participants must submit the following information by clicking “Apply now”:

  • A completed online Application Form

  • YouTube link to the video recording

  • Application fee

  • Portrait photo of the applicant or the ensemble


Competition Rules


  • Judges’ decisions are final and can’t be appealed.

  • The recording should be a fair representation of the participant’s abilities but does not need to be of professional quality.

  • The final selection of winners will be based solely on the video recordings submitted.

  • Several winners can be selected in each category.

  • Grand Prize can be awarded for outstanding performance (highest award). 

  • Audience Award - one performance will be selected in each competition based on the audience votes.

  • NEW! Participants can choose to receive written comments/feedback from the competition adjudicators.


Difficulty Categories

The General difficulty category is less competitive for the performers who learn music for fun and want to be recognized.

The Advanced difficulty category is highly competitive for performers who want to proceed with their music career and would like an extra challenge.

Awards and Performance

The masterclass with one of the competition adjudicators will be awarded to an Audience Award Winner that receives the most votes. 

The masterclass with one of the competition adjudicators will be awarded to every Grand Prize Winner.


The certificates will be awarded to all participants, their teachers, and piano accompanists.

All winners will be invited to the Award Ceremony in Toronto, Canada. However, only Selected winners will perform at the Winners' Recital during the Award Ceremony*.

Place distribution for the General difficulty category:

  • First Place

  • Second Place

  • Third Place

  • Grand Prize may be awarded for outstanding performance​​ (highest award)

Place distribution for the Advanced difficulty category:

  • First place

  • Second place

  • Third place

  • Honourable mention

  • Certificate for participation

  • Grand Prize may be awarded for outstanding performance (highest award)


*Please note that there will be a Fee for the Winners' Recital and Award Ceremony participants.

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