Audience Award Results:
Summer Season 2022 

1348 responses from 694 voters

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Keyboard Competition

Winner: Leila Pena Montes, Spain (91 votes)

Strings Competition

Winner: Ellie Malonzo, Australia (78 votes)

Woodwinds and Brass Competition

Winner: Yelisei Nikitin, Ukraine (39 votes)

Percussions Competition

Winner: Tianqi Chen, China (27 votes)

Voice Competition

Winner: Crystal Lee, Australia (137 votes)

Concerto Competition

Winner: Nicholas Li, United States (74 votes)

Ensemble Competition

Winners: Voltima Duo, Germany (46 votes)

Jazz Music Competition

Winner: Shuotong Wang, China (21 votes)

Composition Competition

Winner: Li Ziao, China (20 votes)

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