Audience Award Results
Winter Season 2022 

3,277 responses from 1,314 voters

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Keyboard Competition

Winner: Nil Magali Lopez, Turkey (544 votes)

Strings Competition

Winner: Yi-Hsuan Wu, Taiwan (103 votes)

Woodwinds and Brass Competition

Winner: Simone Delbene, Italy (201 votes)

Percussions Competition

Winner: Julia Wlodarczyk, Poland (274 votes)

Voice Competition

Winner: Felea Popa Otilia Ioana, Romania (70 votes)

Concerto Competition

Winner: Alessandro Andrade Da Fonseca, Brazil (139 votes)

Ensemble Competition

Winners (tie): Rebecca Liebhauser & Mira Schwabe, Germany (111 votes),

Bequadro Piano Duo: Chiara Silvestre & Angelo Gala, Italy (111 votes)

Composition Competition

Winner: Sergio René Martínez, Argentina (81 votes)

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